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I'm glad that you're interested in an Artist's Page for The Daylily.

Bridget and I feel that each artist should have the opportunity to further showcase their work on The Daylily's website.  An Artist's Page will be yours to share with your friends, clients, or future partners. Please keep in mind that no items will be sold through The Daylily's website so this page is only for show and tell.

Getting an Artist's Page is a quick process- there are just 3 steps. Keep in mind that I am here to help you if you have any questions or concerns.

Want an Artist’s Page?

How to Get a Artist's Page (3 Quick Steps)

1. Fill out this short form and click "submit".  This will be the content on your Artist's page

Name of Artist *
Name of Artist
Try to make this piece between 1-7 sentences
Try to make this piece between 1-7 sentences
Try to make this piece between 1-3 sentences
Can not be a link to an e-commerce store (can not be an Etsy or Ebay store).

Do you currently have an Artist’s Page?

If you would like to renew your Artist’s Page then please provide a $50.00 check made out to “Amanda Davis” to Bridget by March 15th. You may email Amanda Davis with new photos at any time


If you would not like to renew your Artist’s Page then please let either myself of Bridget know by March 15th. Pages that are not renewed will be taken down from the website by April 1st.

2. Send me between 3-9 high-quality pictures of your work.  In the email, attach the photos and type a brief description for the caption. Providing the price, or the range of prices for your work, is optional. Additionally, please include a picture of yourself- everyone wants to know the artist!

*If you do not have access to an iPhone or smartphone that takes good quality pictures, I am more than happy to take 3 pictures of your work for you provided it is at The Daylily. Please communicate this to me via email.



3. Bring a $50.00 check made out to “Amanda Davis” to The Daylily.

These three steps must be completed by March 15th in order to be featured on the website by April 1st


If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please do not hesitate contacting me via email or phone. I'm excited to further showcase your work!


Phone: 1508-717-2964